"Pieni Unikko Papaver" Marimekko Bag, Color 934. Black, Red, Fuchsia, White

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The elegant Marimekko "Papaver" bag with the ever so popular "Pieni Unikko" fabric is a newer addition to the Marimekko bag family. The bag featured here has red and hot pink poppy flowers scattered over the black background. The flowers have white centers with teal green eyes. This bag looks very sharp with a dressy black suit or slacks, or even jeans! It also works well to carry a laptop since it has a reinforced bottom and a zipper. In addition, the bag has an inside zippered pocket and a small pocket suited for a cell phone. Fabric material: Light-weight cotton canvas with a nylon lining. Measurements: 17.3 in x 12.2 in x 4.3 in (44 x 31 x 11 cm). Fabric pattern design: Maija & Kristina Isola. Bag design: Mika Piirainen. Finland.