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SALE Viktor Rydberg, a famous Swedish poet, wrote a poem called "Tomten", which was originally published in 1881. "Tomte" at that time had nothing to do with the gift-giving Santa at Christmas time as we know him today. A "tomte" was traditionally a gnome who lived in the woods and looked after the farm. He was good-natured, but could get angry and cause havoc if provoked. Santa as he is known in Scandinavia today probably developed out of this old, short, and good-natured character, dressed in gray clothes, with a red hat and a long, white beard. This wooden Santa/gnome doll is hand-made in Sweden. He is 5.9 in (15 cm) tall and comes with the famous poem - in Swedish and English - that Viktor Rydberg wrote in 1881. Price shown includes sale discount.